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5 Tips To Speed Up Your MAC

Multiple apps and loads of photos, videos, and documents stored on your Mac affect its speed. They slow down its performance. In this blog, we are going to share five tips that can help you improve the speed of your device.

1. First of all, seek for power-hungry apps in your device because they are responsible for reducing the speed of your Mac. You can get this information from Activity Monitor. You can access Activity Monitor by the Application folder of your device. Activity Monitor will show you the details of Memory, CPU, Disk, Network Usage, and Energy. Now, check them all. However, mostly, checking CPU is sufficient. Check CPU usage and close the applications which are using maximum power.

2. While booting up, your Mac runs many unnecessary apps. By restricting Mac from running those unnecessary apps during booting you can speed up your device. You can do it by following this path- System Preferences > Users & Groups > username > Login Items> select a program/programs you don’t immediately need. Thus, you can ensure your system loads fast.

3. You can speed up your Mac by turning off visual effects as well. Here is the path to turn off visual effects: System Preferences > Dock> Untick Animate opening applications, automatically hide, and show the Dock > Click on Minimize windows using > change Genie effect to Scale effect.

4. Cache files are temporary data used files that speed up the download process when you go to download the same file again. It sounds great, but it brings a problem at the same time – over time, loads of files are accumulated that slow down your device. Therefore, you should clean cache files from time to time.

5. If you have such applications on your phone that you don’t need any more or that you need rarely, then uninstall them. When you need them again, you can go to install them, but currently they are a burden on your device so remove them. If you don’t have any such apps, then the aforementioned ideas will help you improve the speed of your device.

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