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How To Take A LED Wall On Rent In Delhi? A Guide For You.

LED walls can be an excellent means to provide the best experience for the gathering at your event. So, if you are thinking of taking an LED wall on rent for your event in Delhi, this guide will cover everything you should know to make a well-informed decision.

Let’s begin with what an LED Wall is. An LED wall is a collection of various LED display panels. They are linked together in a way that they form a large seamless image. All LED home screen televisions larger than 80″ are made of joining numerous LED display panels. LED walls need specialized hardware and software to link the panels and create large displays.

An important point to note here is, all LED walls are not the same. There are several types of LED walls available on the market, but we divide them into two types fixed LED walls and portable LED walls. Fixed LED walls are set at a place while portable LED walls are transported from one place to another based on the requirement.

Now, we discuss one more significant point– why should you take LED walls on rent instead of buying them? There are two primary reasons why we recommend LED walls rental. First, the number of required LED walls can increase for an event and decrease for another event. Next, you will have to spend a big amount on their upkeep. You will have to create a proper place where you can store them after the use. Also, you will need to hire a technical person who can check the LEDs before the events and make it sure that they are working fine. Also, you will need to hire a reliable transportation team to ensure the safe transportation of the LED walls. On the other hand, you have no such headache when you take LED walls on rent. You inform the number of LED walls and the place where you need them, the rental company will take the walls to your event place and take it back once the event is done. Moreover, they will provide you with technical support for the event if you request the company.

Now, we come at the main point how you can take a LED wall on rent in Delhi. Here are some points that will help you in making your choice.

Decide Your Requirements

There are several things to consider to determine your requirements. First, what kind of event you are going to organize, a music concert, sport event, corporate event, or any other event. Second, the event will be indoor or outdoor. Third, the size of the crowd participating in the event. Fourth, what size LED walls you should select.

Research Companies Online

Search for various LED wall rental companies online. Check their websites, their experience in the industry, and reviews about their services. The companies that look good to you, you can request a quote to them. However, when you are holding your event in Delhi NCR, you should not waste your time in searching for a reliable company because you have already found one. We have been providing LED walls on rent for more than 18 years in Delhi NCR. We are known as a reliable and affordable LED wall rental company in the market.

Discuss your Requirements

Calls us and discuss your requirements. We will provide you with high-performance LED walls on rent.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now.

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